Here we go!

by jmcldirector

The Library is finally back to local management. I have patiently been waiting for this day since I came on January 8. Our first official day was last Friday, March 1.  The changes we have proposed to the layout of the library, the remodeling, will not be accomplished until after the beginning of our new fiscal year in July. However, we are already working on other aspects of the library that were also seen as vital to serve the community as we should.

More staff members have been dedicated to the circulation and tech area to assist you with your research, reading, and technological needs. We’ve talked about how we want to “knock-your-socks-off” with our new customer service mind-set. Hopefully, if you’ve been in the library this week, you can already feel the difference.

We have already implemented our plan of patron-driven acquisitions. This just means that if you ask about a particular title that the library does not own, we will either get it for you through Interlibrary Loan, or we will purchase it on our next order if at all possible.

We are beefing up our social media presence. The Library’s blog is being updated.  A few weeks ago, we added the Director’s blog (which you are reading now), another Twitter account (in addition to Library North’s), and Pinterest boards. Help us spread the word. We want to reach as many people in Madison County as possible.

As they say in the Hill-Boren ad, “We’re here to help, and we know how!” Come see us.