One year!

by jmcldirector

Last week, I celebrated one year in Jackson-Madison County, and I must say that it has been a very satisfying year. In one year, we have managed to relocate the Branch making many improvements in what we can offer at that location and remodel the Main completely transforming the look and feel of the place. When I look at the before and after pictures, I feel very blessed. 

The outpour of community support by Madison County, The City of Jackson, The Friends of the Library, The Library Foundation, the Library Staff, and the Library Patrons, has been outstanding. Because we have all been pulling in the same direction, we have been able to accomplish much.

Someone asked me at the open house at the North Branch this week what the projects would be now. We have several things we need to do. First, we need to inventory our collection so our catalog (and our catalog as reflected in the State of Tennessee’s database) will be up to date. We will also be doing an inventory of all of our furnishings and fixtures. We will be honing our customer service skills constantly. We will be working on bringing more programs to the library for the community’s education and enjoyment. We will be working on a public relations plan to better keep the people of Madison County informed of all of the library’s offerings. We will focus on reaching the teens of Madison County. We will be working on reestablishing our reference department. We will be working on finding a way to provide printing from wireless devices. Last, but not least, we will be working on a plan to begin offering some library services in the south part of Madison County.

I just get so excited when I think about the ways the library can help make people’s lives better!